A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Somewhat Erotic Monstergirl Game

In the fashion of classic Wizardry games, the lazy clone with monstergirls as enemies and most horrendous procedural sex scenes comes to make you break the keyboard!

Face the horrors of the 30 dungeon levels on your epic quest to recover some rather generic amulet for some reason to claim reward that might or might not be worth all the effort!

Game is open source and mostly "done" but balance changes and bugfixes might happen.

Be sure to check the README file!

If you want to summon eldrich horror you can read the source at https://gitgud.io/blux/lizardry

Install instructions

Only game archive is provided, you will need LÖVE 0.10.1 or later to run it.

Version for most operating systems can be obtained at https://love2d.org

README contains game manual.


Lizardry.love 3 MB


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...is this even possible if you start as a spellcaster? The slimes and zombies keep draining all my mana and i can't figure out how to stop them. 

Why, yes. The trick is to, in oldschool Wizardry fashion, roll relatively high VIT which will lower the chance of monster raping you and decent STR to be somewhat viable in melee. Mage is the hard difficulty on lower levels but again, in traditional RPG fashion, becomes walking nuke once leveled up so it balances out.